Resource Efficiency Segment

The Resource Efficiency Segment is one of three operational units in Evonik Industries AG. As the provider of high-performance materials for powerful, environmentally friendly and energy efficient systems, the Resource Efficiency Segment is a strong partner for the automotive, paints, coatings, adhesive and construction sectors and for several other industries.

Nestec SA (Nestlé)

Sustainability and Novel packaging

Nestlé is the world biggest food and beverage company providing healthy and nutritious meals all over the world. Packaging is an essential component ensuring the quality and safe delivery of our products while preventing food waste. The “Sustainability and novel packaging” research unit is involved in the development of new packaging materials and in the improvement of the functionality of existing ones. Our ultimate objective is to optimize packaging material usage and reduce the environmental impact of packed food. Functional surfaces with low surface energy or specific repellence properties are thus of high interest for various packaging applications. They contribute to reduce food wastage and improve the recyclability by facilitating the product evacuation from the packaging. As a partner in the LubISS network we are aiming at evaluating the applicability of developed concepts in food and beverage packaging applications.