Philipp Baumli
ESR 3: Monitoring the motion of bacteria and cells under still and flow conditions

College / University
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH Zurich), Zurich, Switzerland

Highest Degree
Master of Science (Honours)

Major Subjects
Materials Science

Lab Experience
Basics of colloidal processing, Tribological testing, tribochemistry, ionic liquids, thermal analysis (DSC & TGA), XPS, XRD methods (powder diffraction), confocal microscopy, IR-spectroscopy, and NMR spectroscopy.


  • Bachelor´s Thesis (Spring 2013)
“Self-Consistent Field Theoretical Study of the Shape of AFM Force Curves for Polymer Brushes” under the supervision of Professor Martin Kröger in the polymer physics group at the Department of Materials at ETH Zurich headed by Professor Hans Christian Öttinger.  
  • Research Internship (Summer 2013)
“Structure and crystal chemistry of complex intermetallics” in the Laboratory of Crystallography headed by Professor Walter Steurer at the Department of Materials at ETH Zurich (Supervisor: Dr. Julia Dshemuchadse) in collaboration with Samara State University, Russia.  
  • 1st Master´s Project (September 2013 – February 2014)
In the Materials Theory group led by Professor Nicola Spaldin on the oxygen vacancy formation energy of selected transition metal oxides including LaNiO3. Supervisor: Dr. Ulrich Aschauer  
  • 2nd Master´s Project (June 2014 – September 2014)
In the Complex Materials group headed by Professor André Studart on the „Synthesis and processing of Nacre-like composites using a colloidal processing approach”. Supervisor: Ms Madeleine Grossman  
  • Master´s Thesis
Title: “Tribological Properties of Selected Non-Aromatic Ionic Liquids” carried out under the supervision of Professor Antonella Rossi at the Laboratory for Surface Science and Technology (LSST) headed by Professor Nicholas D. Spencer at the Department of Materials at ETH Zurich. Strong emphasis on XPS investigations of tribochemical reaction products.

March 2017 - March 2020: LubISS ITN position

Davide Bottone
ESR 15: Silicone nanoparticles of different shape as ingredient for lubricant impregnated surfaces

University of Trento, Trento, Italy

Highest Degree
Master of Science (Honours)

Major Subjects
Materials Science and Engineering

Lab experience
Sol-gel chemistry, basics of cell culture techniques, glass and ceramics processing, wettability analysis, electron and light microscopy, NMR spectroscopy, IR and UV-Vis spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy, XRD.

Merit Award of the University of Trento for BSc graduates (A.Y. 2013/2014).
July 2017 - July 2020: LubISS ITN position

Valentina Donadei
ESR 7: Investigating ice formation and adhesion of slippery surfaces prepared by thermal spraying
Alexandre Laroche
ESR 12: Ice  wind tunnel and durability tests of new developed icephobic coatings for aerospace applications
Emanuela Lorusso
ESR 13: Controlling the adhesion of bacteria via a combination of fibre treatment and surface functionalization
Abhinav Naga
ESR 2: Visualization and analysis of two-phase flow
Saurabh Nath
ESR 8: Characterization of drop dynamics on slippery surface
Kristian Thijssen
ESR 5: Modeling the dynamics of slippery surfaces