Dynamics of wetting ridges

We seek an outstanding, highly motivated PhD student to investigate numerically and theoretically the dynamics of droplets on lubricants, gels and lubricant impregnated slippery surface. The motion of droplets on such complex surfaces is governed by the dynamics of the “wetting ridge” near the contact line. Developing detailed methods for wetting ridge dynamics is key for understanding the performance of lubricant impregnated surfaces.

The aim of this project is to study numerically and theoretically the dynamics of droplets on various soft and liquid surfaces. The methodologies involved are a combination of lubrication theory for thin film flows (to address the macroscopic dynamics) and the Molecular Dynamics simulations (to reveal the fluid-fluid or fluid-solid mechanics at molecular scale). The candidate is expected to be familiar with one of the methods, with an affinity for theoretical analysis.


Specific requirements

  • Background in physics, soft matter or fluids dynamics
  • Analytical and numerical skills.

For further information please contact:
Prof. Jacco Snoeijer, j.h.snoeijer@utwente.nl

University of Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands


Position closed