Easy processing of porous surfaces and approaches to replenish the drained lubricant

There are number of applications where high repellency of surfaces would be beneficial such as ice accretion and easy cleaning. Lubricant impregnated surfaces provide potential solution to create such properties. The aim of this PhD work is to study continuous/roll-to-roll fabrication of LUBricant Impregnated Slippery Surface multilayer structures or parts of them.

The successful candidate will define the requirements for the fabrication of the developed LUBricant Impregnated Slippery Surface -structures using continuous and/or roll-to-roll system. The candidate will focus on characterizing and testing of the performance of developed layers and structures and their functionalities. The candidate will research the performance of the lubricant impregnated surface-structures and the parameters influencing fabrication under pilot-scale conditions. Important part of the work is the assessment of performance determined by application such as packaging.

For further information please contact:
Prof.Jurkka Kuusipalo, jurkka.kuusipalo@tut.fi
Dr. Johanna Lahti, Johanna.lahti@tut.fi

TUT Foundation – Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland

 Position closed